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Born as a European Cocktail into an overcrowded but loving home, Jason Mendelli has had music flowing in his veins since he was a baby. Awoken to George Benson, Sinatra, John Lee hooker, Benny Goodman and the likes from his father and Led Zep, Sabbath, Thin LIzzy, Bowie, The Smiths from his siblings. Borrowing a guitar at age 15 he found an outlet for his emotions and quickly began writing songs and forming bands with schoolmates. He cut his teeth playing the London circuit, at such legendary venues as the George Robey, Water Rats, etc. Securing a couple of small indie deals with the band Spiritwalker he gained invaluable recording experience at The Pierce Rooms, Trident Studios, Grouse Lodge and performed shows at The Point Depot, LA2 and The Borderline.

Following the break up of Spiritwalker due to members relocating Jason has played with several bands, continuing to write new music and, embracing his acoustic, developed a one-man live performance.

Jason writes great Indie/Rock songs with soulful melodies, hooks that get inside your head and words to touch your heart and rouse your spirit!

With his debut album Everlasting due out in Dec 2011, Jason is doing the acoustic circuit in London and building a reputation for delivering captivating, uplifting live shows to and the future is proving promising.

Jason is also rehearsing with a new line up to promote the album

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